5 great apps or features for Windows 10 users

Here are 5 apps or programs that can help you every day or provide great additional functionality.


Wiztree is a freeware designed to give you a snapshot of your storage devices space utilisation. This is great to hunt programs and seeing how much space they are using. It will help you decide if you can afford to lose some files or if it is time to think about getting more storage on your computer.

The best feature is the graphical representation of folders and files. It helps you understand your position at a glance, saving time and allowing the decisions of what to keep and what to get rid of quick and easy.


Speedify is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) program. VPNs are great for giving you a little extra security as it masks your IP so your location can not be traced. It is so effective it can convincingly spoof your location to almost any country. I keep mine set to Australia.

The unique feature of Speedify is that you can connect to many internet sources. Generally, on a windows device, while you can connect to many networks, it will only utilise any internet source from one of those networks at a time. There are some cases where you can bridge two connections and have the internet come from both sources. However, the data from these sources are separate.

An example is downloading a video clip while listening to music. One will download the video, while the other will stream the music. However, if you are only downloading the video clip, the second connection will not be used.

Speedify works differently. It allows for all internet connections to contribute to the download of the video clip. In a time of slow NBN but emerging and surprisingly fast 5G mobile (500Mbps), and at competitive pricing compared to NBN, 500GB for $80 (correct at time of writing), you can boost your speeds on demand.

Speedify offers a free 1 GB a month or unlimited paid plan.


Grammarly is a side load program that you can integrate into most web browsers and Microsoft Office. A freeware offers basic corrections and a paid version that allows you to target your audience and set the tone of your writing. The paid version also provides a plagiarism checker in Microsoft office.

There is a Grammarly keyboard on Google Play that syncs to your account.

Your Phone  

Your Phone is an app that comes with Windows 10. It came out in 2018 and allows you to use almost all functions of your phone from your Windows 10 PC. Over time the features have been expanded. Calls, messages in both directions, syncing of your gallery, and now the ability to share your phone screen or start apps and run apps from your PC.

Simply, it is your mobile phone, but on your PC.

This is available on Windows 10. If it is missing, search for it in the Microsoft store. It is free.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store needs more recognition than it is currently receiving. Microsoft attempts to bring to PC users what made the iPhone and android so successful, a library of apps for easy searching, installing and using apps for users. Some versions of Windows come locked in what is known as ‘S mode’, which restricts the users of those devices to only use the apps available in the Microsoft Store.

While some prefer the freedom to download what they want from any source, some users prefer the simple accessibility and safety provided the store platform offers. This is installed on Windows 10 and provides an ever-growing library of apps.

Again, the advantage of the store is to provide a safer environment for users to download software. While not every program is available, there are alternatives available in the library, covering both productivity and entertainment. There are even movies and games available in the library for purchase.

Note: For people familiar with ‘S mode’, there is an unlocker available in the Microsoft Store. Depending on your device, the unlocker can be free or has an additional cost.

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