5 simple steps to make yourself more cyber security conscious.

Cybersecurity knowledge is key for keeping us safe in the digital world, and it needs to be shared with people of every generation as the young and old can be the most vulnerable targets as they have little awareness or ability to identify suspicious threats.

Cybercrime is a crime of opportunity.

Cybercriminals don’t discriminate, everyone can become a victim of a cyber-attack, working towards a safer future it is very important to maintain cyber awareness. 

Some minor behaviour changes can be an effective method into protecting yourself from being exploited by cyber criminals.

What can you do to become more Cybersecure?

Take the time now to make sure that:

  •  All personal devices are secure with company-provided and or personally owned devices are anti-virus and anti-malware software protected.
  •  Make sure that the software on all devices within your home network are kept up to date. These include business laptops, personal laptops and/or tablets
  • Review and make sure all corporate BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and other relevant policies and procedures are being strictly adhered to.
  • Whilst working from home your Remote work employee awareness even more-so during this unprecedented time is also vital by being cautious of email-phishing scams especially relating to Covid-19 health which can be used as click-bait.
  • Finally, keep social-media use to a limited basis. There’s no need to reveal business itineraries, business information, or daily routines to the outside world as these can give cyber criminals the opportunity to exploit.

Your cybersecurity is only as strong as your weakest link.

Increasing your awareness to Cyber threats plays a large part in cybersecurity, while there are many great programs that can help protect you from cyber threats, none can protect against actions of a careless user.

Sorry, but there is no Nigerian prince that wants to give you $50 million, nor would they ever need help paying the transfer fees. No, Telstra will not turn off your internet and nor will Microsoft shut down and make you computer inoperable unless you pay them $xxx’s.

If you have any issues with creating a more secure PC environment we can help.

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