New Tech: Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is all about voice-control and expanding the Google system around your home. And on that front, it achieves exactly what it sets out to do.

The home smart speaker war is on. Some might say Amazon already won it, with its Alexa voice-assistant Echo range and third-party support in other respected brand speakers but Amazon has competition, predominantly from Google.

The original Google Home looked like a big air freshener and, arguably, took a more design-first approach than the original Amazon Echo. With Home’s inoffensive white matte plastic and swappable colour bases, it could fit in among all your home furnishing a lot better.

The Google Home Mini continues down Home’s path, offering a smaller model with a similar design approach and all the same features but how does this mini version stack up?

If you haven’t got a Google Home Mini in your house already you should read on with this review from Pocket Lint to consider grabbing one of these entry level technology items for your home.

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Security: Avast Antivirus is powerful

You might expect that a free antivirus company would offer basic protection for free, but reserve advanced bonus features for the paid edition. However, in the real world, many of the most popular free antivirus tools pack full-scale protection along with a ton of extra features. Avast Free Antivirus gives you more than many competing commercial products. On top of excellent antivirus protection, it adds a network security scanner, a password manager, browser protection, and more. It’s an amazing collection of security features, considering that this product is free.

Avast acquired rival free antivirus company AVG in 2016. Fans of both companies can rest easy; there’s no plan to merge them into a single product. Both have many thousands of users worldwide, but each is strong in geographical areas where the other isn’t. And the underlying antivirus engine is exactly the same in Avast and AVG AntiVirus Free, as demonstrated in my tests and independent lab tests.

Local Computer Help recommends Avast Antivirus software to our customers. Our experience with Avast Antivirus has been highly positive providing great protection with the free and paid versions.

Continue to learn more about Avast Antivirus with this review from PC Mag.

Hardware: The best gaming monitor of 2019

Choose one of the best gaming monitors you can find to bring your gaming experience to the next level. After all, you need the best display to not just play the best PC games, but also take you places, immersing you in worlds and epic adventures you never thought were possible.

Before buying, you need to understand makes the best gaming monitors better for gaming. There are specs and features to consider, of course, but everything ultimately boils down to what you want and need to get out of it. The market is full of many different types of displays, and the best gaming monitor for you essentially hangs on the type of games you play.

Are you someone who wants to get immersed in your favorite single player games like Devil May Cry V or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice? You’ll want to look at the best gaming monitors with 4K Ultra HD and HDR. 

Are you all about the esports life and playing Overwatch? Get yourself one of the best gaming monitors with a high refresh rate and low response time.

With so many options and features to consider, finding the best gaming monitor can be tricky. But, we are here to help. We put together a list of all the best gaming monitors we’ve tested and reviewed over the last year or so, for you. So that no matter what kind of PC games you typically play, you’ll narrow that long list down to the best gaming monitors for your specific gaming needs.

Find out about the best gaming monitors in 2019 by reading more at TechRadar.

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