What is  GPU?

A graphics processing unit (GPU) is a component designed to rapidly work with memory to accelerate the creation of image temporarily stored in a frame buffer intended for output to a display. Designed to lessen the load on CPUs, it accelerates graphical rendering allowing such resources to focus on computing tasks.

By image, it is the image you see on the screen. GPU features include:

  • 2-D or 3-D graphics
  • Digital output to flat panel display monitors
  • Texture mapping
  • Application support for high-intensity graphics software such as AutoCAD
  • Rendering polygons
  • Support for YUV colour space
  • Hardware overlays
  • MPEG decoding

What types of GPUs can I find?

This is specialised hardware on the computer, the component can be intergraded in the CPU or a separated as a discreet add-in card. However, the performance gap in the variety of GPUs available is quite large. As such, no other component can help inform the performance and the intended usage of a computer as much as a GPU.

How much are GPUs?

 The cost of the components can also vary depending on the intended usage, an add-in card can cost as little as $80 for mediocre performance, to $3000 for a full HD (and some 4k), high frame rate gaming experiences, all the way to $100k+ per unit, for physics rendering, AI development and other professional applications.

How to choose a GPU?

So, what should you look for in a GPU? A good rule is to select the most common types of programs that you are going to run on the computer you use and read that programs recommended specifications. It will give a brand and model number, anything at or above that and you hit the sweet spot for your tasks.

For upgrade paths, you can make that decision once every 2-4 years if this is the right course for your user experience, with two years being the typical length for a generational evolution of the GPU series. That said, people on lower budget setups can find themselves using a GPU longer if they keep in their intended usage, barring that the program(s) you use don’t update leveraging newer technologies, making it more resource hungry.

Do you need a new GPU, or have you done a significant program update that your computer does not meet the latest specifications for?

Do you Live in Boronia?

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Computer Repairs Boronia

In Boronia we have found that there have been many people who have needed to upgrade their computers GPUs or required computer repairs. If you have and computer repairs Boronia, we can help you at Local Computer Help. Call us to book an appointment or come in and visit us.

What are typical computer repairs regarding GPUs?

While GPUs can be repaired, the most cost-effective, fastest option is to replace while also upgrading to a better model. Services also can include driver and vBIOS updates as required.

Other computer repairs to GPUs include cleaning and servicing the cooling packages on them. You can also upgrade the cooling on the GPUs.

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