Network Setups

network help and support

Local Computer Help provides network help and support including Internet, NBN and Wifi. Our computer technicians can assist with all your home and office networking needs. From file sharing to a centralized data hub solution. We can provide advice and setup of such requirements that suit your needs.

Come in and visit, email us or give us a call on 1300 883 831 for help with network setups!

We have helped local businesses with improving and upgrading their current office setups as well as building and installing new cost effective and high performance based workstations for all users.

Some of the common items our computer technicians assist with network help and support include:

  • Advice and consulting on best networking hardware options.
  • Sourcing and installation of routers, cabling and workstations.
  • Installation of software required as per the businesses requirements.
  • Deployment and configuration of hardware.
  • Optimization of performance and bandwidth speeds.
  • Maintenance and support of new and current networks.
  • Troubleshooting as required for new and current networks.

We can source, install, configure and troubleshoot most common hardware brands including:

Netcomm | D-Link | TP-Link | Linksys