Data Backup / Recovery

Local Computer Help can assist with computer hard drive data recovery. Our trained technicians can help with retrieving those important files.

Book a pickup, repair + return service or onsite visit to your location – it’s that simple!

Give us a call quickly when you encounter a faulty computer for best success rates. If your computer is not working, except for total hard drive failures, we are able to quickly retrieve, copy and provide you with your files for safe keeping.

It is recommended that you consistently ensure your computer files are backed up. If your computer fails our friendly technician can attend onsite to help you utilize your backed up files.

Unfortunately if you not have a backup of your files and your hard drive has failed we will need to attempt data recovery. Although there is no guarantee of success we have had many happy stories. In these cases we were able to still receive full or partial amounts of data from a faulty hard drive.

Local Computer Help are authorized resellers of Backblaze backup products –

We generally assist with basic computer hard drive data recovery. Advanced data recovery through our partners which involves diagnostics and disassembly. The hard drives are taken apart in a sterile environment. Unfortunately this can be a very expensive process, upwards of hundreds of dollars, without a guarantee that data can be recovered.

We recommend the following leading brands for best hard drive performance.

Western Digital | Seagate | Samsung | Toshiba

[popup_anything id=”30772″] Charges may apply for suburbs not listed. For many common repairs ask for a quote over the phone otherwise a minimum $55 diagnosis charge applies if you do not choose to go ahead with repair.

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