What are peripherals?

Peripherals are devices that are attached to a computer system but are not an integral part of the system itself. They are categorized as being either an input or output device.

Examples of input devices include keyboards, mouse, scanners, game controllers, webcams, microphones, and graphics tablets.

Examples of output devices are monitors, projector, headphones, speakers.

While input/output devices are external hard drives USB flash drives.

What peripherals do I need?

At a bare minimum, you will need, a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse. For the internet, you will need LAN or WiFi connectivity. If watching at videos with the audio or for music, you will require speakers.

How to choose peripherals?

As all peripherals of a type, example, a keyboard, will function the same basic way as any other keyboard, differences between peripherals are features of the product. You can buy the most budget-friendly peripherals and always get the minimum expected performance from them for their expected lifetime.

However, the more features or the better the quality the features are, the higher the cost of those components.

An example can be found in monitors. a 4k monitor of a given size can be as much as 6 times more expensive as a 1080p monitor of the same size. however, both will adequately function as a proper monitor.

Therefore the defining factors in peripheral choice are the type of user experience you hope to get from these devices.

Note that a systems build will determine the compatibility of said peripherals. For example, if you purchase a 4k monitor, but your GPU is only capable of outputting 1080p, the 4k monitor will only display 1080p image.

However, USB connected devices can be easily changed, upgraded making these types of devices a compelling upgrade path for different user experiences.

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