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What is a Motherboard?

A motherboard is the circuit board designed to interconnect all the components of a given computer system. motherboards conform the ATX standard, allowing for same type components to be fitted into designated slots for easy scalability and upgradeability.

Motherboards come various, standardised sizes. largest being E-ATX, down to mini-ITX for consumer products. The size of the motherboard will dictate the size of your computer case, so ensure that the case you acquire is compatible for the build.

On a motherboard you will find support for:

  • Form factor
  • CPU socket and Chipset
  • Power delivery
  • RAM Dimm slots
  • PCIe expansion slots number and configurations
  • SATA, and M.2 slots
  • Onboard audio and graphics throughput
  • Network support (LAN, wifi)
  • Bluetooth support
  • Cooling support (fan connectors, thermal sensors)
  • USB 2, 3 and thunderbolt support
  • Legacy device backwards compatibility

However, not all motherboards will support all the features you are looking for.

How to choose a motherboard?

A motherboard choice should be made after considering all applications intended to be used on the system, as from that information you can determine what components you require in your build. An office computer that does simple administrative tasks, would require fewer components for efficient workflow and can be easily attained on a micro-ATX board.

However, a PC intended for graphical workloads would require more RAM support than most micro-ATX can provide, and its form factor can cause components to not fit when looking at increasing cooling capacity and the size of the GPU.

When should you get a new Motherboard?

A new motherboard should be considered when making a new build. While all the components are hot-swappable, swapping out a motherboard is basically tearing down a whole PC.

Do you live in Glen Waverley?

Glen Waverley is a suburb 19km south-east of Melbourne’s CBD. Its main artery, Springvale Road, leads to the main street of Kingsway, which is a vibrant dining and entertainment hub with strong Asian influences. It also features The Glen Shopping Centre, a major retail destination and the Glen Waverly station which its metro line derives its name from.

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