How to enable Dark mode for Windows 10 on your Computer.

With many people working from home in this climate of Covid restrictions throughout Australia, it is easy to lose sight of work life balance. We are finding many people are neglecting breaks simply as there is no one around to have that simple coffee break together with.

Apart from the obvious health implications of less body activity and muscle atrophy, there is also the harm that staring at a computer screen for hours on end can do to your eyes being over tired from the bright glare of white most of Microsoft’s software is draped in.

However there is a slight reprieve for your eyes on Windows 10 in the form of dark mode.

To enable, elect the Windows logo Start button > Settings Gear-shaped icon > Personalization > Themes. Select Color and under “Choose your default Windows mode select the dark button. If you choose to do so repeat with the “Choose your default app mode”

Selecting a dark windows color along with checking the “show accent color on the following surfaces” and checking both boxes will help complete the look.

You can follow suit with browsers but as this is still in beta, your mileage may vary.

To implement on Windows Edge simply select the three dot icon under the close button, >Settings > and select Dark on “Choose a theme”.

With Chrome, again select the three dot icon > Settings > Appearance > Themes. Here you will be able to select and download a variety of different themes to use with chrome. For now select a dark style that suits your tastes and add to chrome.

For all web pages to follow suit, this is where the beta part comes in. settings here if changed can dramatically affect your browsing experience so use caution when in this area. In the address bar type in the “browser name”://flags, so for edge you type edge://flags and chrome type chrome://flags.

There are a lot of items you can change here. However, there is a search bar to assist. In the search bar type “dark” and enter.

 You will see a “Force Dark mode for Web Contents”. Simply selecting the Enable from the drop down menu and closing the tab will enable that.

It is a beta so have a look at the content you browse, if you are not happy with the look simply change back.

Of course there are other strategies to reduce strain and fatigue, like buying a new monitor that will filter blue light, as well as buying more ergonomic peripherals to reduce muscle strains. We can assist you in acquiring such items or with other IT matters. Again, taking 15 minute breaks from the screen and stretching and light exercise to get blood circulating helps. Our health is important.