Intel NUCs – a great small factor PC for budget conscience consumers.

The world of PCs is changing. Due to the ever-popular tablet and mobile platforms, PC manufacturers have had to learn to make more scalar products to suit a smaller, low power product line such as the newer notebooks available.

This shift into lower power cost-effective platforms has also been made its way into the desktop environment.

Intel has developed and matured a line of NUC mini-PCs. These are intended for many applications where a full-sized tower with its added cooling solutions is not necessary.

Intel lists a few user case scenarios such as photo editing and content creation, and these are true for the higher-tiered products. However, the more popular sellers are the lower-spec models. These are designed for internet browsing, office package utilisation and streaming of content.

Their small form factor makes them a discreet option for media streaming and lounge room computer that can be connected to your current PC via HDMI.

The NUC mini-PC comes in a few set configurations, but upgrading the unit is a simple process, so the NUC can grow as your needs do. 

The NUC is not limited to simple residential applications. The NUC sees robust business applications such as point of sales and digital signage. It is likely you walk by this small form factor solution when at a shopping centre and searching the map.

Again, the lower-tiered NUCs are not intended to replace high-end PCs designed for gaming and graphic intensive content creation. But for a user who sees their computer usage to be a simple email, office, and internet; this is an ideal solution. If you are interested in grabbing a NUC, this is a great deal currently available for an Intel NUC 7 Essential Complete Mini Computer including a 21.5″ Monitor. Stocks are limited.

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