What is a computer case?

A computer case is the housing designed to protect sensitive computer components from damaging environmental elements.

Computer components are delicate, precise electronic circuit boards. They are sensitive to strong UV light, excessive temperatures and rapid temperature deltas, errant electrical charges (e.g. static), water, dust & dirt, impacts & vibrations. This is pretty much everything that is present in everyday life.

A computer case is designed to isolate and insulate against these factors while providing enough space for the circulation and stabilisation of heat produced from the system as cooling components vent out the hot air and draw cooler air in.

How to choose a new case?

A computer case has to be large enough to house any and all components you place in your system. considerations need to be made for PSU size, motherboard size, GPU size, and the number of drive bays it carries.

Computer cases are the last choice in the build phase of a new PC, and thus, most likely to be affected by budget constraints. However, your build may suffer if you don’t consider the spacing needed to fit the components and wiring.

Computer cooling

A case also needs to house the cooling solution that you intend to fit into your system. This can be a cooling block on the CPU or a full water cooling loop that includes pumps, radiators and fans. The more powerful a system is, the more heat it produces as a byproduct. with this, the Cases ability to breath and number of fans it supports will play a huge factor in the stability and longevity of your system.

Other considerations

Over time computer cases have changed from simple protective shells to work of individual style and personality. Depending on where you are placing your computer case you may choose to indulge in the sophisticated to the quirky designs available, from cases with RGB lighting, to cases that function as desks or have robotic limbs to articulate, the imagination is the limit, in what you can achieve.

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