New Tech: Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is all about voice-control and expanding the Google system around your home. And on that front, it achieves exactly what it sets out to do.

The home smart speaker war is on. Some might say Amazon already won it, with its Alexa voice-assistant Echo range and third-party support in other respected brand speakers but Amazon has competition, predominantly from Google.

The original Google Home looked like a big air freshener and, arguably, took a more design-first approach than the original Amazon Echo. With Home’s inoffensive white matte plastic and swappable colour bases, it could fit in among all your home furnishing a lot better.

The Google Home Mini continues down Home’s path, offering a smaller model with a similar design approach and all the same features but how does this mini version stack up?

If you haven’t got a Google Home Mini in your house already you should read on with this review from Pocket Lint to consider grabbing one of these entry level technology items for your home.

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