What is Computer Memory?

Random Access Memory, memory, or RAM, is your systems short term storage. Any active processes or programs you are running will have the information stored on RAM to enable fast access.

What does RAM do?

RAM performs the vital function of storing information your computer needs to function its daily tasks. This information can be from any source, such as running a program, browsing the internet, or in documents you are editing yourself. It is a super-fast memory that allows the computer to store and access this information without the need for writing and to read from your permanent storage devices.

As a rule, the more programs you are running or the more instances of a program you are running, the more RAM you are using. As such, the more RAM you have in your system, the better. It also allows for the quick switching of simultaneous programs running without the need to first closing the previous applications.

If your computer feels slow or unresponsive, it may need computer repairs, and a memory upgrade is a cost-effective way to improve performance. You may find that your system update from windows 7, is not as responsive running Windows 10, which recommends 8GB of RAM for high performance of routine tasks.

Do you live in Nunawading and need a RAM upgrade?

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Computer Repairs Nunawading

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