Poor / Slow Performing Computers

Poor, slow and unreliable performing computers is one of the most common issues for home and business computers. This can cause extreme frustration and inefficiency.

Often caused by a myriad of computer hardware or software issues, Local Computer Help technicians are experts in assisting with the repair of faults causing poor, slow and unreliable performance.

Book a pickup, repair + return service or onsite visit to your location  – it’s that simple!

We have convenient service options to suit you.

Common issues Local Computer Help will troubleshoot and repair for include:

  • Slow booting or start up.
  • Overall slow or poor performance.
  • Slow and unreliable internet connections.
  • Specific Software and Application poor performance
  • Inconsistent computer crashes and freezing.

Repair and troubleshooting support is provided by our trained technicians. Our geeks have many years of experience and a solution is often diagnosed within a short time. At this point a quote is provided for your issue to be resolved.

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