What is a Hard Drive?

A Hard Drive is a type storage device that stores long term data on your computer. That is, all your personal data and all the information the computer needs to run its OS and the programs you use.

The Hard Drive itself is a spinning magnetic disk. Like a record or CD, the data is printed in tracks. As you require data, the disk spins and the head can read and write data as needed. It is a very cost effective long term data storage solution.

Characteristics of a Hard Drive include storage space, speed of the drive in RPM, and connection type.

However, as it has moving parts, there are multiple points of mechanical failure. There can be also failures to the data disk. This can lead to a non-functioning computer and loss of important personal data. With this in mind you should always back up your critical data.

What are computer repair or upgrade options for a hard drive?

If you find your computer running sluggish, it may be the result of disk errors, fragmentation, or damage to the drive itself. We can help diagnose and repair/replace hard drives and recover lost data.

If you have run out of storage on your computer we can help with upgrade solutions on increasing your capacity with more or larger Hard Drives.

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Live in Ringwood and have Hard Drive Issues?

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