What is a Power Supply Unit?

A power supply unit (PSU) is the component of the PC that supplies power to your computer.

the PSU on a desktop is in an ATX standard. this allows for easy swapping and upgrading of parts that will fit the rest of the computer designs.

How to choose a Power Supply?

Power supplies need to be sufficient for components that you are using at max load. If there is a point that the supply is insufficient, then the system will suffer from a blackout. This can result in loss of data.

An inefficient power supply can also generate excessive heat, and draw considerably more power than what is required for the computer to function.

Size Matters

The first thing you should look at is the capacity of the PSU. how most office computers a PSU of up to 300w is more than adequate. Fitting a larger PSU will just be a waste of budget and will not result in any benefit apart from potential headroom for upgradability.

When to get a New PSU?

The best time to get a new PSU is when building a new computer system. Apart from that, when one fails, replacement is recommended if there are no issues the rest of the system. The PSU is designed to be the component to most likely fail in a surge as a sacrifice to prevent damage to your more costly components.

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