Software Installations

software installation help and support

Local Computer Help can assist with all your software installation help and support.

Simply give us a call on 1300 883 831 to book in your installation today!

Just bought a new computer and unsure what you’ll need or how to set it all up? Bring it down to us or book in an onsite visit. Our friendly and experience technician can attend your home or office. With their extensive geek knowledge they will provide support to complete your installations. Following some of the tips below will ensure your software installations are completed promptly.

Some common installations completed include:

Our experienced technicians can also provide professional advice and recommendations for software choices that would best suit your needs. In addition they can also provide training on the features and usability of most common software packages.

Software installation help and support time requirements are often based upon your computer and Internet speeds. Because of this to assist your computer technician when they attend your home or office please have the following ready:

  • All your work on your computer is saved as your computer may be required to be restarted during and after installation of certain programs.
  • Providing the technician with a list of the online software to be installed is helpful. Pre-downloaded software will also save time.
  • If the software is on USB or DVD that these items are available.
  • Many items will require a product key or serial number for activation. Having this ready will allow your computer technician to finalize your software installation for you.
  • If you are seeking help installing software for printers and other peripherals it is helpful that you provide all the model numbers.