Sponsorship Program

Local Computer Help loves to support local community groups and clubs. Would you like to provide your club and members some great value offers?

We would love to give your organization and members an exception sponsorship offer:

  • 20% off discounts for your club members when they need a repair or support services.
  • 5 hours of onsite computer or online support valued at $495 to be utilized by your organization or committee at your choice.
  • Access to our fundraising opportunities for your club with our great range of prizes.
  • Free pickup, for repair, and return service for over 60+ Melbourne suburbs.
  • Free delivery and setup for all new systems.
  • 24 hour / 7 day support available.

Contact Fau-Zii today on 03 9095 6567 or complete the form below to apply to receive your sponsorship package.

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Sponsorship terms & conditions. By submitting this application you are accepting the following terms & conditions of our sponsorship program. Local Computer Help will supply your organization members with the following; a) 20% discount for all repair and onsite support (labour only) via a promotional print and digital card directed to our online portal system; b) 5 hours of IT or web support as per your organization requirements (does not include parts); c) access to periodic fundraising activities; d) access to our full range of support services and discount offers. Your organization agrees in return to complete the following; a) circulate the 20% discount to your members; b) promote this sponsorship via your available channels including any newsletters (print or digital), social media pages and website; c) circulate up to 4 times a year (quarterly) relevant and suitable promotions via your available channels including any newsletters (print or digital), social media pages and website; d) a permanent reciprocal link provided on your organization website. This agreement is valid for 12 months from the submission date of this application. Further options to continue this sponsorship program are available.