Why Computer Fans Are Important.

Computer fans may not be the coolest (no pun intended) part of a computer. However, they are essential for the daily function of your computer and helps ensure its longevity.

What do fans do exactly?

The computer fan is there to do one job. Push air around, ideally, hot air from inside the case out to allow for cooler to replace it. As electrical items are powered on and used, they create heat. The higher the workload, the more heat generated. This heat, if allowed to build, can severely damage your computer components, shortening their life span or even instantaneous death of a component.

So we have established that fans are a good thing. However, when looking at branded made desktops, typical loadout is two fans, one exhaust and one intake fan. This setup can get you through primary minimum workloads, such as checking emails or watching YouTube. For things like gaming, CAD, and rendering, you may find the two fan load out falling short.

A common symptom is a loss of a graphic process unit GPU. One of the most expensive outlays and biggest workhorses in a computer. They are responsible for the display information that is output onto your screen. A CPU can also suffer from overheating. Both would require a replacement to rectify.

While the GPU and CPU are costly to replace, they are not the worst victim.

NVME m.2 SSDs are a new form factor for SSDs they are about the size of a USB drive, and the thickness of a few credit cards. When they are working, they get pretty warm. But the placement of these SSDs is usually right under the GPU. As there are two sources of heat nearby, this is a real potential for catastrophic damage due to heat soak. The SSD will be your primary storage device in most cases, so the Loss of your m.2 SSD is a loss of your data.

So is there a solution? Luckily yes. Most cases have provisions for up to 5 fans in the case. So the easy solution is to add more fans. Next, you want to have the fans positioned so you can draw cold air in from the low while pushing hot air up and out the back.

If configured correctly, the fans can keep your computer cooler while also running quieter as they can run at a lower RPM. But that is dependent on the fans and Motherboard on the computer.

Clean your computer

Also, as you clean your house and rooms clean your computer. Dust impedes airflow, stopping heat from escaping your computer. So clean the case to reduce dust build-up. Using the brush accessory from your vacuum cleaner or compressed air around the vents can help loosen some of the dust to assist with clean up.

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