YouTube was originally a dating site and more fun facts!

In fact, many of us sign up to get notified directly when a new video appears that might interest us, showing just how much YouTube has become a part of our digital lives.

But beyond knowing it’s popular, free, and international, not too many people know just how influential YouTube is, nor do they know how it came to be the behemoth it is today.

Below you will find some facts and figures about YouTube that will help demonstrate how much of an impact this social video site has had on our culture and society, and it will make you think a little bit more about the massive community that exists behind the website we all know and love so much.

1. YouTube Was Originally Designed to Be a Dating Site

For most of us, YouTube just appeared on the internet one day, and we simply started using it. But that YouTube launched the way it did actually represents a pretty big shift in the original purpose of the site.

Most people don’t know the original concept for the site was for it to be a dating platform.

The idea was that people would send in videos of themselves, describing who they were, their interests, likes, dislikes, etc., and then viewers who shared those interests could respond with a video of their own.

However, shortly after launching this idea, co-founders Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley found out that people didn’t really want to upload videos of themselves for a dating website. It was too personal, and, perhaps, just a little too creepy for most singles’ tastes. The slogan they invented, “Tune in, Hook up,” probably didn’t help things much either.

To get people into the idea, Karim, Chen, and Hurley went to Craigslist to try and find people to post videos (a move even they know was questionable), and they even offered women $20 if they loaded up a video. But practically no one participated, calling into question the viability of the website these three had begun building.

Knowing they were onto something but realizing dating wasn’t the answer, the three co-founders decided to switch the focus of the site so that anyone could upload a video to the internet. In removing these restrictions, people became more interested.

The first video, “Me at the Zoo,” which was posted by Karim, went up in 2005, and from there, the site quickly took off and became the internet institution it is today.

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